Opinion: Few things Nigerian female celebrities need to copy from Bobrisky 

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Opinion: Few things Nigerian female celebrities need to copy from Bobrisky

Hello and welcome to my opinion blog. 

It's actually funny when I see so many female celebrities laugh and make fun of Bobrisky because he is a crossdresser instead of paying attention to the details they need to copy from him. 

In this article, I will discuss reasons why some ladies need to calm down and pay close attention to this crossdresser, as well as some features they need to copy from him to remain relevant in society. 

If you are a female celebrity or just an ordinary entertainer who wants to remain green in the entertainment industry, take your time and read this interesting article till the end. 

Bobrisky might be a crossdresser or whatever else you have in mind to label him, but you can't deny the fact that he has paid his dues and he is still trending effortlessly in the Nigerian entertainment industry. 

He has even stayed much longer than most of the female celebrities who have condemned him in the past and called him some unimaginable names because of his lifestyle. 

Opinion: Few things Nigerian female celebrities need to copy from Bobrisky

Despite all that Nigerians and Gistlover have said about this crossdresser just to bring him down, he's still making waves and achieving great things in a country that disdains people like him. 

One of the things most female celebrities need to learn from Bobrisky is how to dress decently. It's hard to see Bobrisky step out in revealing dresses at a function. He's always well-covered, and his outfit is far more gorgeous than most ladies', who go about flaunting their nakedness on all social media platforms. 

Ladies also need to copy his rich aunt's vibes and learn how to carry themselves like queens. Bobrisky carries himself like a queen all the time, to the extent that he named himself the 'mummy of Lagos'. 

One thing I love about Bobrisky is the way he feels that nobody is better than him, despite the kind of hatred an average Nigerian has for him. He can't post a picture without admiring himself, even when we all know where his recent beauty came from. 

Opinion: Few things Nigerian female celebrities need to copy from Bobrisky

I feel like our female celebrities need to emulate that mindset and admire themselves instead of engaging in this naked and jealous competition all over the internet. They really need to look at the positive side of Bobrisky and learn the things that have made him remain relevant despite all the stones thrown at him by the society. 

If you have other things to add to this article, kindly make use of the comments box below. Feel free to check some of my other opinions. Thanks for reading. 

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