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Leave Alex Ekubo alone, it's not a crime to be gay 

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Leave Alex Ekubo alone, it's not a crime to be gay

It's actually bad that a lot of people have accused Alex of being gay because of his failed relationship with Fancy. The rate at which people are using words against him has made me wonder if being gay is a crime. 

It's a pity that we came from a society that doesn't allow people to leave in their truth but always rushes to condemn anyone who pretends to live according to what the society wants. 

The fact that Alex stayed with Fancy for 5 years without having sex with him doesn't make him gay. Nigerians should refrain from reading meanings into words and painting one bad. 

The funny thing is that Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the fact that we really have homosexuals in this country and that they are also humans. The more society makes rules and regulations to restrict them from living freely, the more they will continue to date your straight daughters and girlfriends. 

There is no way you can deny some groups of people their fundamental human rights and still expect your action not to backfire. It might not actually affect everyone, but some people will fall victim to whatever the outcome is. 

Rather than fighting Alex and other people who have been accused of being homosexuals, why not talk to your government about making the environment friendly for them so that they can live and associate with their kind and leave your straight ladies alone?

Many people, including you who are reading this, are married to homosexuals, and they are not even aware of it. They accepted to marry you because they don't have another option, and society has been asking them where they are getting married. 

Not all have the opportunity to travel to a country that accepts their lifestyle; as such, they have to do everything to keep living and surviving in the society they found themselves in. They are also afraid to come out openly and reveal their true nature because of the kinds of words that society, friends, family, and you will use on them.

In conclusion, Nigerians should leave Alex Ekubo alone and face their respective family problems. If Alex is truly gay, there is no way he can accept his lifestyle in a society that kills and humiliates people of such a kind. Even Bobrisky has yet to accept that he is gay. 

Thanks for reading this. 

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