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BBTitan: "I love sex and I'm sex addict" - Jaypee tells Ebube

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BBTitan: "I love sex and I'm sex addict" - Jaypee tells Ebube

Popular Big Brother Titan housemate, Jay Pee, made it known to her fellow housemate, Ebubu, that she loves sex and that she is an addict.

She made this shocking revelation or statement in a discussion with Ebubu. If you are a fan of the reality TV show, you would agree with me that Jaypee and Ebubu have been sparking lots of reactions from fans due to how close they've been these past few days.

The duo has been seen hanging out together, sharing deep and intimate conversations with each other, and even sleeping on each other's beds.

While discussing her love life, Jaypee told Ebubu that she loves sex and is an addict. She also said her friends know.

Recall that Jaypee revealed that she is a night owl because, according to her, it is amazing to have sex at night. She also revealed that she is in a relationship with seven men outside the Big Brother Titan house.

While chatting with Ebubu, she made some shocking revelations about herself. 

She said, "I love sex, and I’m a sex addict."

“When I feel comfortable with you, I can have sex as many times as I want."

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