BBTitan: Here's what Yemi told Blue Aiva that made her blush

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BBTitan: Here's what Yemi told Blue Aiva that made her blush

Ever since Big Brother Titan began, Yemi and Blues Aiva have been dishing out premium content for their fans. 

Today, the housemates had a cool conversation that made Blue Aiva blush in a lovely way. 

While interacting with each other, Yemi told Aiva that when he wins the Head of House Game, he would like them to be on the bed and spend more time together. 

Aiva blushed and agreed with him that it will definitely be a long week because they will be enjoying their own space. 

Read the conversations below:

Yemi - When I Win HOH, I'll Pick You Cuz I Wanna Be On The Same Bed With You Baby,You Know

Blue Aiva - *Laughs*

Yemi - It'll Be A Very Long Week

Blue Aiva - It Would Be

Yemi - Yeah?

Blue Aiva - It'll Be A Short Week Cuz We'd Be Enjoying Our Own Space 

Yemi - Right


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