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What Every Couple Should Learn From Chacha Eke And Her Husband

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What Every Couple Should Learn From Chacha Eke And Her Husband

If you're married and haven't learned anything from what happened to Chacha Eke and her husband recently, you're losing out on a lot. Chacha Eke is a great actress who has carved herself a successful career in the entertainment industry. In terms of rivalry and obstacles in the Nollywood industry, the movie actress has been waxing strong and achieving wonderful things for herself.

A few months ago, Chacha and her husband had issues with their marriage. The Nollywood actress even went as far as announcing that she had ended her marriage with her husband, known as Austin Faani.The heinous occurrence trended heavily online, and people reacted to it as well.

Along the way, Chacha Eke confessed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which caused her to say a lot of things about her husband and marriage. She also avoided social media for more than two months in order to fully heal.

While all of this was going on, I was keeping tabs on the pair via their individual social media accounts. I saw how people criticised Austin Faani and accused him of abusing the renowned actress. Some even encouraged Chacha Eke to quit the marriage, claiming she wasn't looking her best. These social media relationship experts overlook the fact that the couple has been married for years and has two wonderful children.

Months later, actress Chacha Eke resurfaced on social media and began posting cute photos of herself. She welcomed her fourth child, celebrated her wedding anniversary and her 34th birthday. In her recent celebrations, she has been flaunting her husband and also showering him with lovely compliments. 

There are two things you should learn from Chacha Eke and her spouse as a married couple. From Chacha's perspective, you must learn how to avoid public opinion surrounding your marriage. Let me tell you, there is no such thing as a problem-free marriage. What distinguishes you is your ability to deal with this problem. I doubt Chacha Eke would be in a better place if she had listened to those who encouraged her to leave her spouse. She appears to be having more fun than ever before.

On the other hand, men should learn how to tolerate and be patient with their wives regardless of the attitude they display. Learn to be slow in anger and always think deeply before taking any action concerning your marriage. Asutin Faani was so gentle and calm in taking decisions despite all that people said about him. 

I'm glad Chacha Eke and her husband were able to reconcile. I hope you will follow in their footsteps and take your marriage to the next level. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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