Some People Are Begging Me To Show Them Where They Can Do Money Rituals - Actor Yul Edochie

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Some People Are Begging Me To Show Them Where They Can Do Money Rituals - Actor Yul Edochi

Yul Edochie has taken to his social media account and revealed that people have been pleading with him to show them where they may perform money rituals. This was revealed by the actor in a recent Instagram post

Sharing the post, Yul Edochi stated that he is just an actor and nothing more. He claims that playing the part of a ritualist in a movie is a storyline. He further asked if it is a crime to be an actor. 

He wrote:

"Some people are sending me messages begging me to show them where they can do money rituals. Come on now guys, come on. Na film I dey act. Just like American action films where one man will defeat a whole city of bad guys. Na storyline be that, e no dey happen. Is it now a crime to be a good actor? Make I no chop?"

What the veteran actor stated above gained the attention of his followers. Those who commented laughed out loud Just to express themselves. They told Yul Edochie not to mind those sending him such messages.

It might interest you to know that Yul Edochie is among Nigeria's best actors. The Nollywood icon is blessed with a unique voice that made him outstanding. He is talented, skillful, creative and has been featured in many interesting movies.

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