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Father drowns trying to rescue son from well in Kwara State

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Father drowns trying to rescue son from well in Kwara State

Kwara State Fire Service has recovered the body of a 49-year-old man, Fasasi Afeez, who drowned while trying to rescue his 12-year-old son from a domestic well in Offa town.

Spokesperson of the service, Hassan Adekunle, in a statement, said the incident happened at about 4:00 on Thursday, February 22, 2024, at Gaa Jangbo, Igbonna Road, in Offa local government area of the state.

According to Adekunle, the man's son, Kaleed Afeez, fell into a well while fetching water. 

However, before the arrival of fire servicemen, Fasasi tried to rescue Kaleed, but his legs suddenly slipped off the ground, and he also tumbled down into the well.

“On February 22, 2024, a man of about 49 years old, called Mr. Fasasi Afeez, and his son Kaleed Afeez of Gaa Jangbo, Igbonna Road, Offa, Offa local government area, Kwara state, fell into a domestic well, and we recovered the father dead while we were able to rescue the son alive at New Maselu Village, Offa,” the statement read. 

“The terrible incident occurred this evening at about 04:11 PM (16:11 hrs). The Brigade was summoned through an exchange telephone call by one Alhaji Taiye Gbadamosi living in that neighborhood.”

"However, firemen recovered the man dead from the well and later handed it over to one of his family members.

"According to the report, the victim went to fetch water from a domestic well when one of his legs suddenly slipped off the ground and he tumbled down into the well.

“Before the arrival of the fire service, his father, while trying to rescue the victim, had his legs suddenly slip off the ground in the process and eventually tumble down into the well too." 

The Director, Kwara State Fire Service, Prince Falade John Olumuyiwa, expressed his sadness over the incident and urged the general public to be more careful in their day-to-day activities. 

Olumuyiwa advised parents to desist from sending underage children to fetch water in domestic wells. 


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