Nigerians react as crossdresser James Brown operates on a sick patient - video 

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The video of Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown, operating on a sick patient has surfaced online with a lot of reactions from internet users.
Nigerians react as crossdresser James Brown operates on a sick patient's - video
What he shared appears to be staged and similar to one of the videos the media entertainer frequently used to capture people's attention and drive traffic to his page.
James looks so serious in the video, as if he was performing a real-time operation on a patient. Even the patient was spotted trying so hard to hold himself from laughing. 
It might interest you to know that James is among the Nigerian crossdressers who have made a name for themselves. Despite all that people say or throw at him, he always had a way to turn them into something that would profit him and make him popular. 
Below is the video shared by James Brown. 

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