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Two things to note before buying a car from Jiji cars, Cars45 app

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Before you buy a car from the Jiji Cars or Cars45 app, there are two things you should take note of. Before we discuss that, I would like to inform you that Cars45 is now Jijicars. Jiji acquired Cars45 around June 2021, intending to be the biggest automobile brand in Nigeria.

Two things to note before buying a car from Jiji cars, Cars45 app

 Jiji cars are gradually gaining Nigerian hearts. The platform mainly specialized in fairly used Nigerian and foreign cars. However, you can still get a brand new car from them, depending on your budget.

Honestly, it's hard to come across a car dealer who doesn't visit the Jiji site either to gain information about a particular brand of car or to check the current price. Others rely on them to get potential buyers for their cars. 

If you are preparing to get a car from the Jiji Cars or Cars45 app, please note that there are two categories of cars on the platform. The inspected and non-inspected cars.

Two things to note before buying a car from Jiji cars, Cars45 app

Inspected cars:

All the inspected cars on the Jiji Cars app belonged to Cars45. This is one unique thing about them when compared with other automobile companies. Their cars are always inspected before being published on the Jiji Cars app for sales. 

The inspection report is also made public so that any potential buyer can go through it and get an understanding of what is wrong with the car before indicating interest. The reports are in percentage, with a comment from the inspector officer. 

You should study this inspection report with your mechanic before making a payment. Allow your mechanic to advise you regarding the condition of the car. If possible, take him along when going for a physical inspection.

Two things to note before buying a car from Jiji cars, Cars45 app

Non-inspected cars:

These are cars from individual sellers on the Jiji Cars app. The platform gives room for an individual to advertise their cars with the aim of getting a buyer. Some of the advertisements are paid for, while some are free.

The non-inspected cars are not verified. Buyers who want to go for such a deal are doing so at their own risk. Negative stories have been recorded from the non-inspected cars on the Jiji Cars platform, while others have recorded positive stories.

It's just a 50/50 chance since the cars are not verified or inspected. One good thing about non-inspected cars is that they are always cheap compared to inspected ones. Most of the transactions there are distressed sales with little turnover. 

Now that you have gotten to know the two-car categories in Jiji Cars, the Cars45 app, and what to note before buying a car from the platform, I hope you will make use of them in other to make a good decision. It's either you are going for the inspected and verified cars, or you are going for the non-inspected and unverified ones. 

I can only advise you to patronize verified and inspected Jijicars and stay away from unnecessary issues. The majority of the unverified vehicles may be stolen vehicles or vehicles with incomplete documentation.

In my next post, I will be talking about three things you should consider before purchasing a car from Jiji Cars, the Cars45 app. Before that, do take care of yourself. 

If you have questions, kindly drop them in the comment post, and I will attend to them immediately. Thanks for reading. 

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