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BBNaija: Stop insulting Saga over Nini, he is just a man in love 

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BBNaija: Stop insulting Saga over Nini, he is just a man in love
Honestly, people need to stop insulting Saga over the top secret mission Big Brother gave Nini. The reality star is just a man in love and his recent behaviour is understandable. 
It takes a man who understands what love is all about to fit into Saga's current situation. Too bad most Nigerians rank people without emotions as best lovers. 
A real man who shows emotions can never endure not knowing the whereabouts of the person he solely cares for. If your partner can stay a moment without knowing your whereabout, I put it to you that you're just dating yourself. 
Saga has proved that men can love unconditionally without expecting anything in return. He has also shown that when a man loves, he does so with all his heart.
I urge people to stop making some ill comments regarding Saga, and instead they should enhance their love lives. Getting a man like Saga is rare, and every lady should pray for someone like him. 
I pray that Saga doesn't develop any emotional issues from this prank. The whole situation is just like losing someone who makes you happy without any concrete reason. Let's pray for Saga. 
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