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BBNaija: Here is what caused the fight between Liquorose and Angel 

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Today, Liquorose and Angel had a fight regarding what happened a few days ago between Boma and Queen. Liquorose told Angel that she needs to apologize to Queen for causing the fight that took place between her and Boma. 
The reality star said Angel intentionally instigated the fight just to catch cruises. She narrated things Angel normally does when Queen and Boma were having issues, such as sleeping on Boma's bed, knowing full well that such an act makes Queen angry. 
Angel, on the other hand, revealed that she doesn't owe Queen any apology or explanation despite the fact that they are in good terms now. 
Pere supported what Liquorose said and revealed that Angel is very strategic. He also told Angel to apologize to Queen, but she warned him not to say anything bad about her.
Do you think Angel needs to apologize to Queen? Kindly use the comment box and air your views. Thanks for reading. 

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