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BBNaija: Check out why Whitemoney, Queen, Nini and Saga might be evicted tomorrow 

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It's no longer news that Nini, Saga, Angle, Pere, Queen and Whitemoney are up for possible eviction this week. The trending question at the moment is which of the housemates will be evicted tomorrow.
The above mentioned housemates are among those who made this season very interesting and entertaining. They entered the show with their honest minds and also played the game accordingly. 
In this article, I will be revealing the four housemates that might be evicted tomorrow and the possible reasons. Judging from past records, there is no doubt that Nini, Saga, Queen and Whitemoney will be evicted. 
Right from week five, viewers have been praying for Nini and Saga to be up for possible eviction so that they can vote them out of the house. They stated that their friendship is boring because Nini is not reciprocating Saga's feelings due to his boyfriend outside the house. 
Now that they are both up for possible eviction and four people will be leaving, there is no doubt that Nini and Saga will be among them. The only thing that might save them is if people voted due to the recent prank Big Brother pulled on them. 
It's only grace and Whitemoney's fans that are still keeping Queen in the show. Now that Whitemoney is up for eviction too, Queen's vote will surely be very poor. 
Whitemoney, on the other hand, might be evicted due to the trending prophecy circulating online. Another reason is that people are no longer hyping him as usual. It's hard to see pictures of Whitemoney trending on Twitter unlike before. 
If you have anything to add to this opinions article, kindly use the comment box and air that. Feel free to like and share this post with your friends. 

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