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Two Things Whitemoney Should Do To Maria Since They Are Both Igbos

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Two Things Whitemoney Should Do To Maria Since They Are Both Igbos

If you are a lover of BBNaija Reality Show, you will agree with me that this season is definitely the best. Today the show witnessed its first nomination game, and it was something else. During the process, Maria and Pere nominated Whitemoney despite what he did for them yesterday.

Recall that Whitemoney was the housemate who discovered that Pere and Maria were the wild cards. However, he kept it to himself because he didn't want them to go home. 

After Maria nominated Whitemoney, she became emotional, and people reacted to that. A few minutes later, Whitemoney approached her and urged her to stop crying.

Judging from what happened today, I will suggest that Whitemoney should forgive Maria and accept her back. It is heartbreaking to watch someone you saved from leaving the show put you up for eviction in under 24 hours. But regardless, they are still Igbo, and nothing will change that. 

Secondly, Whitemoney needs to start treating Maria like a friend again and stop his recent attitude. He should understand that Maria is just a lady, and her behavior can be predicted easily.

I pray and wish that Whitemoney and Maria settle their differences. They are the only housemates who have been dishing out hot content since the show started. 

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