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Big Brother's New Rules Might Affect Whitemoney's Cooking Strategy

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Big Brother's New Rules Might Affect Whitemoney's Cooking Strategy

It's no longer news that Whitemoney has been trending effortlessly since the Big Brother Naija Reality Show Season 6 show started. The reality star has been dishing out great content and also entertaining his fans.
Whitemoney has also been showcasing his amazing cooking skills and humble nature that has gained people's attention. However, some housemates have accused him of using the kitchen as a strategy to avoid being nominated for possible eviction. 
Today, Big Brother introduced new rules to lighten up the show. Big Brother stated that all the housemates would now pay for Friday and Saturday night parties, early morning exercises, and the use of the freezer. 
The new rules might affect Whitemoney's cooking strategy because he makes use of the freezer more than any other housemate. It won't make sense for him to spend all his money on cooking for the house. 
If the housemates don't contribute to assisting him, he might stay away from the kitchen and that would affect his game plans. Recall that housemates are yet to nominate him for possible eviction because they still need his selfie service. 
The moment Whitemoney stops going to the kitchen, housemates might put him up for possible eviction since he is of no use to them again. 
The BBNaija housemate gained media attention a few days ago when he had a faceoff with Pere. However, the issue has been settled and addressed by Big Brother.

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