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BBNaija 2021: Arin Reveals What Yusuf Did To Her Inside The Bathroom 

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Arin Reveals What Yusuf Did To Her Inside The Bathroom

You will agree with me that this year's Big Brother Reality Show is the best. This is because the housemates have been dishing out good content and also entertaining their fans. 
So far, they have been doing so well despite the little misunderstandings they had while preparing for their wager challenges and Saturday task. 
Just a moment ago, Arin revealed what Yusuf did to her inside the bathroom. The reality star disclosed this while interacting with Nini, Saga, and Angel.

According to Arin, Yusuf walked into the bathroom knowing fully well that she was taking her bath without clothes. She said instead of him leaving and respecting the moment, he stayed and was starring at her. 
Arin further revealed that Yusuf's actions made her angry because Angel told him that she was inside the bathroom and he ignored her. 
The BBNaija icon went on to say that the only reason why she decided to let it go is because they are inside Big Brother House. She added that Yusuf can't try such outside the house. 
It might interest you to know that the reality show will witness its first eviction today. However, the housemates are yet to identify the wild cards among them.
Stay tuned for more BBNaija content. Thanks for reading. 

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