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Why Kingdom Kroseide Should Be Very Careful Now That He Is N30m Richer

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Why Kingdom Kroseide Should Be Very Careful Now That He Is N30m Richer

It is no longer news that Kingdom Kroseide was the winner of the Nigerian Idol Season 6 Coemption. During the show, the talented young man performed incredibly well and also showcased his singing talent. He also helped communicate that he was born to be a singer, and nothing could change that. 

At the end of the show, Kingdom was presented with a cash prize of Thirty Million Naira (N30,000,000) and other incentives as the winner of the talent show. A lot of people have been reacting and airing their respective opinions regarding his win. 

The way people have been dropping side comments prompted me to write this article on why Kingdom Kroseide should be very careful now that he is thirty million naira richer. Frankly speaking, not everyone is happy that he emerged as the winner of the Nigeria Idol Show. 

A lot of people have suggested that Atela Francis performed perfectly well than Kingdom. They also rumored that Kingdom became the winner through pity votes and other unnecessary means. If they can fabricate such stories, it means that some people can go to any length to harm him. 

Let's not forget that human beings can go to any length just to express their hatred towards someone. Kingdom needs to be very careful about the people around him to avoid stories that touch the heart. He should be mindful of what he eats and how he associates with others. 

It might interest you to know that Kindom is currently on his media tour. The incredible singer has revealed that being on the talent show was a dream come through and he is so happy about the opportunity.

What do you have to say regarding the highlighted points above? If you have anything to contribute, kindly use the comment box below and drop it. Don't forget to like and share this post with your friends and family. 

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