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Saga And Pere Discuss Nini, Read What They Said

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Saga And Pere Discuss Nini, Read What They Said

This morning, Sage and Pere had a deep conversation about Nini. Saga believed that Nini is lying about having a relationship outside of the house. He wonders why she is always all over the male housemate if truly she is in a relationship. 

Sage further stated that Nini's game plan might be to chop all the guys in the house before the end of the show. He went on to say that there is no way Nini would be in a serious relationship and still be all over the guys. 

It might interest you to know that Nini and Pere had a misunderstanding today after their first game. She warned him to stop making people angry in the house and never shout at her ever again. Nevertheless, Pere and Nini finally made up a few minutes after the argument. 

Do you agree with Saga that Nini is playing a game with the boys? Kindly use the comment box and air your views. Feel free to like and share this post.


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