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Football Betting is An Abomination, It Will Destroy The Youth - Facebook User Appeal To Borno State Government To Put A Stop To It

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Football Betting is An Abomination, It Will Destroy The Youth - Facebook User Appeal To Borno State Government To Put A Stop To It

A Facebook user, Bulama Muhammad Bukar, has taken to his page and appealed to the Borno state government to ban football betting in the state. According to him, it is an abomination. Read what he wrote below.

SAY NO TO "bet9ja".

Where is the Borno State government?

Where is the Borno State House of Assembly?

Where is our Attorney General?

Where is our Commissioner of the Environment?

Where is our Commissioner of Information & Culture?

Where are our patriotic Borno State activists? Where is our Ulamas (Islamic Scholars)?

Where are those groups that call themselves Community/Society Development groups?

Where are the so-called movements for better Borno? Where are they? Where are they???

Why is everybody silent knowing that our state is on the verge of falling into yet another danger?

Are you really interested in making Borno a better place, or are you just making noise to attract people's attention or gain cheap popularity?

This state of ours has been suffering from "fitnah" (crises) for the past 7-8 years. And it's unanimously agreed that the only way out of this "fitnah" is for all of us to repent to Allah and seek for His forgiveness as well as His spiritual intervention. Only by doing so can we get out of the current disaster our people have been suffering from. 

But unfortunately opposite is the case, as almost 70-80% of our youths have suddenly and massively resort to a newly emerged football gambling that is called "Naija Bet", in which a person predict the results of the 5-6 football matches that are yet to be played by putting N100 or N200 and that if he/she guesses the results correctly he/she would end up winning some certain amount of money. 

And every critical thinker knows that such gambling encourages theft, burglary, enmity among youth, and it also discourages those involved from going to school. (subhanallah wal'iyazu billah).

Allah swt has warned the Prophet saw against dangers involved in gambling on a number of occasions in the Glorious Qur'an. Allah swt quoted to have said:

"They ask thee concerning wine and gambling. Say, 'In them is GREAT SIN"

(Qur'an 2:19). He (swt) also warned the believers in yet another verse by saying: "O believers! Intoxicants and gambling, worshipping stones and divination by arrows are impure of shaytan's handiwork: refrain from such abomination that ye may prosper."

(Qur'an 5:90).

Therefore, going by these aforementioned Qur'anic verses, one can simply realize the simple fact that any society that is involved in such abominable activities is directly testing the patience of Allah swt.

"Wallahi" if care is not taken, we are going to witness yet another disastrous anarchy, a situation where we will have thousands of our youths dropped out of schools, and I think you are aware of the consequences.

May Allah swt guide us to the right path.

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