Do These 2 Things Immediately If You Were Among Those Who Picked Up Money At Obi Cubana's Mother's Burial

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Do These 2 Things Immediately If You Were Among Those Who Picked Up Money At Obi Cubana's Mother's Burial

Many people have been flaunting the large sum of money they picked at Obi Cubana's mother's funeral, which was held just a few days ago. Some people have used their own money to buy alcohol, cigarettes, and other items without doing the two things I will discuss in this article.

To be honest, it's quite horrible how individuals will take up money and spend it without thinking about certain things. What if the funds are not obtained legally? What if the money was dumped in order to damage you and change your destiny? To be honest, some people are simply careless with their lives.

The funeral of Obi Cubana's mother taught me a lot. It made me realise how vital it is to invest in others. I don't think people would have appreciated Obi in this way if he hadn't invested in people and helped others.

A look at his verified Instagram account reveals that people are still coming by with gifts only to see him and send condolences. Don't be surprised if the burial lasts a month, based on how things are going.

Back to the main topic, if you were among those who picked up money at the burial, you must perform these two things right away. The first step is to thank God for this wonderful opportunity. It is difficult for someone to toss away their hard-earned money in such a way. Such an act is difficult to come by.

The second step is to make an investment. It's upsetting that some people are already squandering their hard-earned cash on frivolous purchases. Those who distributed the funds did not amass their wealth through reckless spending. They put their money into something that would multiply it.

Do you agree with what I stated above? Feel free to make use of the comment button if you have other things to contribute. Thanks for reading.

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