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Whiteman is offering me $70k to knack me for yansh, should I accept the offer? - Nigerian man asks

All this, I noticed he was already in the mood. Then I got agitated and in anger scorned him and I tried moving out. He apologized anyway, but then called me back and offered me 70k dollars if I could allow him bleep me for yansh. He even showed me $50k cash and offered to transfer the remaining later. 

I was imfuriated and left in anger as he shoted at me to think about it as I jammed the door. Later that night he gave me a call telling me to think about it if I'm still interested and that he's always available. 

Please I'm confused and I don't know what to do. I can't even tell me fiance as I will be getting married next month. I am not gay, I'm straight but should I consider this looking at the huge sum of money involved?

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