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We need to intimidate those in Level 1 - Bryan tells housemates 

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In a discussion session this evening, BBNaija Bryan revealed that they need to intimidate those in level one in their next game so as to outshine them. 
We need to intimidate those in Level 1 - Bryan tells housemates
He stated that the last Head of House Game (HOH) was indeed an eye opener, which disclosed that the other levels were more organized and united than them. 
Byran said level one might be feeling relaxed now because they are on top of the game and that is an opportunity they need to leverage. He told the other housemates to prepare themselves for their next game and put in their best. 
Amaka stated that there is no way the level one housemates would be relaxed just because they won their previous game. She said they might properly be thinking about how to retain their glory. 
Recall that a few days ago, Eloswag from level one emerged as the winner of the first Head of House Game, which automatically granted his level immunity for the week. 
What do you have to say regarding all that Bryan told his fellow housemates? Kindly use the comment box and air your views. Thanks for reading. 

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