Do you think Angel will forgive Peace tonight for flirting with Sammie while in Biggie's house? 

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Do you think Angel will forgive Peace tonight for flirting with Sammie while in Biggie's house?

A visit to BBNaija's official Facebook group revealed that tonight's reunion show will center on Angel, Peace, and Sammie. A short video posted on the group showed Peace explaining to Angel about what happened between her and Sammie in Biggie's house. 
The question now is whether Angel will forgive Peace for causing her pain and also flirting with the man she was in a kind of relationship with in the house. Recall that it was on the same day that Sammie flirted with Peace that he slut-shamed Angel, which ended that friendship.
I believe that the BBNaija star can forgive Peace and move on with life. However, the main reason for the reunion show is for the housemates to talk and settle some of their differences. 
I look forward to seeing the above-mentioned housemates reunite and be friends again. On the other hand, Sammie should apologize to Angel for slut-shaming her on national television. 
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