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BBNaija Reunion: Here's all you need to know about Saskay and JayPaul's relationship 

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The ongoing BBNaija Season 6 Reunion Show is quite interesting and a whole has been revealed. Today's episode centered on Saskay and JayPaul's relationship. 
BBNaija Reunion: Here's all you need to know about Saskay and JayPaul's relationship

In this article, I will be revealing all you need to know about the reality stars' relationship and why things are the way they are for them at the moment. 
During BBNaija season 6, Saskay and JayPaul were known to be love birds. Their relationship was so sweet that some people tapped into it. Jaypaul even went to the point of getting a gift for Saskay just to show how much he loves her. 
That action wowed BBNaija lovers and they voted for their relationship. Despite how close Saskay and JayPaul were, Cross was also dying to be in love with Saskay, but she friendzoned him. 
It's sad how Saskay and JayPaul's relationship ended at the point where people thought they would be closer to each other since they are out of Biggie's house. 
In a short video posted on BBNaija's official Facebook page, Jaypaul was spotted accusing Saskay of playing with his emotions. He stated that she threw him under the table and took advantage of him while in Biggie's house. 
What happened that resulted in the above statement made by Jaypaul is yet unknown, but the whole event will unfold this evening during the BBNaija Reunion show. Please return for more information.
What do you have to say regarding Saskay and JayPaul's relationship? Kindly use the comment box to air your views. Thanks for reading. 

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