Few things to note before you call your colleague a friend

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I'm always concerned when people refer to their colleagues as friends without taking  account certain factors. You must understand that they are your competitors before you do so. 

Most people easily forget that colleagues share a similar profession in a work place where performances are assessed and promotions are given. As such, there is a tendency to be betrayed just to achieve some personal goal.

Nobody wants to be a failure in his or her workplace, and all opportunities are utilized effectively without much consideration. As such, it's nearly impossible for a coworker to be your well-wisher friend at any time.

In real life, friends are those you share personal details with, enjoy gossip with, and rush to help when help is needed. They are also those you share some common beliefs and values with and trust or enjoy being around. With work friends, such acts are not possible.

It's not all personal information you have to share with your colleague. Such information can be used against you at any given time, despite how close you are to the person. Most of them always exhibit good behavior just to get close to you and identify your weak points. 

I'm not saying that you should hate your colleagues, rather you should be mindful of how you relate to them because they are your competitors. Moreover, you see them all day and interact with them every day. 

Do you think it's proper to call your colleague a friend? Kindly use the comment box and air your views. Feel free to like and share this post with your friends and family. Thanks for reading. 

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