Two actions Cubana Chief Priest should have taken instead of calling out Maria on social media 

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Two actions Cubana Chief Priest should have taken instead of calling out Maria on social media
It's no longer news that Cubana Chief Priest called out Maria last night for allegedly threatening her married lover's wife. However, his action is well understood, but there are two thing he should have done instead of calling out the reality star on social media where people will drag her. 
First, Cubana Chief Priest should have reached out to Maria privately and sorted out things with her. Calling her out on social media will not only allow the public to drag her as usual, but It will also go a long way towards affecting her reputation. 
Recall that BBNaija lovers have been dragging Maria over Whitemoney and wildcard issues. This will give them more opportunities to rain words on her. 
Maria is new to the entertainment industry, and she needs good publicity to achieve all her dreams and bag endorsement deals. Cubana Chief Priest should have reasoned at that level before calling her out in that manner. 
Secondly, Cubana Chief Priest should have contacted his sister's husband (Kelvin), warn him to be a gentleman and stop hurting his sister. Kelvin is in a better position to end this issue and accord his wife some respect. 
I believe this ongoing issue won't have been on social media assuming Cubana Chief Priest reached out to both parties as stated above. 
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