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How to increase you blog traffic and make more money

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How to increase you blog traffic and make more money
Owing and making money from blogging is not easy, unless you have Adsense tricks. Using adsense tricks can get your account disabled, no matter how careful you are. Forget motivational speakers. If you are an entertainment blogger struggling for traffic, here is my humble advice for you. 
To begin, ensure that you have unique and original articles, an about me page, a privacy policy, a contact us page, an author profile, a sitemap, and that you have included your site in Google search console.
After that, apply for Google News. Once you have original articles, there is no way Google will not approve your blog. 
My blog "Gistcent" that I created in July got Adsense approval under three weeks with just 20 original articles, and Google News approval with just 50 articles. 
Once your site is approved for Google News, your traffic will increase through Google Search and you will enjoy instant index. Your Adsense revenue will also increase. 
I'm enjoying that already and free from blogging issues. Feel like sharing this idea. God bless you all. 

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