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BBNaija: Reasons why Maria might smile at Pere at tonight's white party

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BBNaija: Reasons why Maria might smile at Pere at tonight's white party

There are some possibilities that Maria might smile at Pere at tonight's all-white party. The sweet words and gift Pere sent to her yesterday during the mannequin task will surely melt her heart and make her act accordingly. 

The Maria we all know is a person who is understandable and can easily forgive. She demonstrated that a lot when she was still in Big Brother's house. Despite everything Queen had done to her, she was still able to work things out with her, let alone with Pere, who had been her friend for weeks.

Another reason Maria might show Pere some good sides of herself tonight is that he has apologized for all he said about her. According to Pere, he was joking and never thought that she would take it that serious.

Recall that Pere told some housemates that she had a wow moment with Maria. Even when Maria tried to deny that such things never happened, he still insisted and wondered why she found it difficult to admit. 

When Maria got evicted, she promised not to talk to Pere again in her life. She also didn't campaign for him; instead, she chose her best friend, known as Liquorose. 

Honestly, I can't wait to see the good vibe Maria and Pere always produce whenever they are together. The Big Brother Naija Reality Show Season 6 would not have been interesting if not for them.

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