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BBNaija: Possible reasons why Queen was avoiding Whitemoney at the Saturday night party 

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BBNaija: Possible reasons why Queen was avoiding Whitemoney at the Saturday night party

It was obvious that Queen was avoiding Whitemoney during the Saturday night party. Her actions might be because she doesn't want to be disrespected by Whitemoney again in any form.

There is no doubt that her management might have shown her some clips to watch and understand certain things that Whitemoney said about her in Big Brother's House. 

She might also be running away from being someone's second option. Recall that Whitemoney values and talks more about Jackie B, despite the close relationship he shared with Queen. The same issue nearly caused a fight between them in the house when Whitemoney revealed that he had deep feelings for Jackie B. 

Most ladies don't like it when men make them a second option in any form. They prefer to be treated as a special person, regardless of the circumstances. It gives them some security and makes them feel valued. 

The attitude Queen displayed yesterday was well understood, and nobody should judge her because of that. She is a beautiful lady and, she deserves to be loved unconditionally without fighting for it. 

Whitemoney might have been a good friend to her, but he never cared about her emotions. It's only a blind person that didn't notice that Queen had some feelings for Whitemoney while in Biggie's house. 

If you have other reasons that might have contributed to Queen's recent attitude toward Whitemoney, kindly use the comment box and air it. Thanks for reading.

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