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Big Brother promised Liquorose 100 BB tokens to play a prank on Emmanuel

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Big Brother promised Liquorose 100 BB tokens to play a prank on Emmanuel

Big Brother has promised to reward Liquorose with 200 BB tokens if she can play a prank on Emmanuel. The assignment was given to the housemates today during her dairy section.

According to Biggie, the prank will stop in her next dairy section. Liquorose accepted the offer and promised to deliver it. She also expressed that Emmanuel would be emotionally down because he is up for possible eviction this week.

Liquorose also begged Biggie to end the prank on Sunday morning so that she could help Emmanuel get ready for the eviction show. She also revealed that she would do anything just to get the reward Big Brother promised her.

Social media users who watched the Liquorose dairy section reacted and aired their respective opinions. Those who commented stated that Big Brother wants to use Liquorose the same way he used Maria. Some people also urged Liquorose to take the task because it would give her more screen time.

It might interest you to know that Big Brother also gave Saga the same assignment. He urged him to start a fight with Nini and get 200 abeg Naira and BB tokens as a reward.

What do you have to say regarding Liquorose's recent assignments? Do you like it? Kindly use the comment box and air your views. Feel free to like and share this post with your friends and family. Thanks for reading.

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