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Lady shows off the dirty kitchen of the man she visited during the weekend in Benin (Pictures)

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A Nigerian lady identified as Merita Uju has taken to her Facebook account and showed off the dirty kitchen of the man she visited during the weekend in Benin. Sharing the post, Merita stated that she was shocked at the condition of the kitchen when she entered the man's house.

She said the man refused to clean his house because his cleaner hadn't come in days. Merita claimed that she cleaned certain areas of the kitchen, made noodles, ate, watched a movie, and then left.

She wrote: "
" This is the kitchen of a Benin big boy I visited during the weekend. Biko stop looking at me like that. I asked oga why his house looked so dirty and unkempt. He told me his cleaner hasn't been around for days." 

" Oga, do you mean that you can not clean your house in the absence of a cleaner? Oga replied, "That's why I need you in my life". Holy Ghost Fire Sir, it is not me you'll need in your life, in Jesus name. Anyway, I cleaned some parts of the cooking area, prepared noodles, ate, added my own pile of dirty dishes to the sink, watched Netflix and left."

" I was supposed to stay for the whole weekend, but I could not because everything looked so untidy. I'll come back when the cleaning lady returns. My mother did not bring me to this world to be a cleaner for a badly raised man."

See the photos below 
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