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Nigerian Idol: Atela Francis Releases Lovely New Photos With Akunna Okechukwu And Comfort Alalade

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Former Nigerian Idol contestant, Atela Francis, has taken to his page and released lovely new photos. The talented singer shared the pictures on his Instagram story.

In the new photos, Francia was spotted smiling and having the best moment of his life with Akunna Okechukwu and Comfort Alalade. The three wonderful creatures look so adorable together. I love the fact that they are friends. 

See the photos below:

Recall that the Nigerian Idol season 6 Competition ended on Sunday, and Atela Francis emerged as the first runner-up. He was highly celebrated by his fans because of his unique singing skills and powerful voice.

Akunna Okechukwu won the most fabulous lady with a cash prize of two hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N250,000). One thing I like about Akunna is the way she performs and delivers any song given to her. She shared the same stage character as Yemi Alade, and people loved her because of that.

Comfort Alalade, on the other hand, was eliminated from the talented show before the grand finale. During her stay on the show, she performed incredibly well and showcased her talents, which elevated her to the next level.

What do you have to say regarding the above pictures shared by Atela Francis? Do you like them? Feel free to like and share this post with your friends. Thanks for reading.

Source: Atela's verified Instagram account.

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